Top 10 things every Tasmanian knows

Top 10 things every Tasmanian knows 

The secret is out.

The mainlanders have discovered the island.

The planes are full and the line ups to Mona are growing.

What’s the best way to separate the Taswegians from the visitors? Read on to be initiated…

Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails

You order a Ten Ounce

Everyone knows what a pot of beer is. Most people know what a pint is. We order 10 ounces, but never a 20 ounce. Cheers. 

Order a ten ounce at: Shambles Brewery, Hobart Brewing Co, Cascade Brewery, T-Bone brewhouse 


The flannel curtain is real

Hobart is home to epicurian delights of slow cooked meats and divine drops of pinot noir. A bohemian delight of a city with culture and characters aplenty. Go past ‘norchy and you’re likely to get robbed. 

Sorry. We love Northgate. 

You can never go to Salamanca and not eat a bratwurst

It’s the staple of all Saturday morning starts. Best enjoyed with a local coffee by the fountain with the steel platypus.

AddressSalamanca Place, Hobart

HoursOpens 8:30AM Sat

Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails and Seven Sheds

We have the Best Beer right here

You dont have to travel to the mainland for good beer. Tasmanians have the oldest brewery in Australia and are therefore we are beer royalty by default. Our craft beer scene is making waves across the country and a beer tour is well worth the look

Photo: Seven Sheds Brewery

We all worship David Walsh as a Tasmanian God

What Mona Museum, Mona festivals and general Mona activities have done for Hobart (and now Launceston) is second to none. Not even the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil provided this much positive recognition of Tasmania. The founder and owner of Mona – David Walsh is credited with turning Tasmanian Tourism into a successful beast. “You just need to do stuff and governments, tourist authorities, individuals need to find ways of encouraging others to do things.” 

Visit Mona: Mostly-underground art museum 

Address655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011

Wineglass bay is the worse and no one should go there.....

It’s just the worst place on the East Coast. Forget how often it gets voted in the world’s top beaches. Don’t worry about it being the number one instagrammed location in Tasmania. Don’t let me get started on how we need to forget the ample wildlife and abundant sea-life. You should not visit this place… leave it for the rest of us to enjoy…. 

If you MUST visit the most spectacular place on earth: Photo credit Matt Donovan @

We slow down at night

Devils, Pademelons, Wombats and elusive Tigers – Tassie has an abundant range of wildlife. But alas not as many street lights and far more bush. As anyone driving at night has seen the Tasmanian roadkill ratio is seriously out of whack. “Per kilometre, more animals die on Tasmanian roads than anywhere else in the world”. So please – drive safe, don’t speed and look out. 


You know the way to the Disappearing Tarn...

How do I get to the Disappearing Tarn?

Heavy rainfall on Hobart’s Kunanyi/Mount Wellington will bring one of Hobart’s most magical natural locations to life – but you have to know how to get there.  Go past the junction cabin and turn right at the big rock….

Check out here for more information LINK

We Embrace the cold!

Hobart is a magical place in Winter. Hobart is often overlooked by the snow covered Mt Kunayi, the famous Cradle Mountain in winter is straight out of a J.R. R. Tolkien book and Hobart’s Winter festival ‘Dark MoFo’ is a spectacular experience not to be missed. It gets cold, the pubs have open fires – it’s the best time to be in Tasmania. Embrace it

Also there is a nude swim for Winter Solstice

Tasmania is your island home

Yes we have interstate rivalries: there is the Launceston vs Hobart, Boags vs Cascade, Bogans vs Everyone else – but regardless of all that every Tasmanian spread out amongst the globe will identify first and foremost as Tasmanian. Our island home. 

Open Hours: 

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