Hobart Hops Craft Beer Tour

Experience a full day tour of local craft beer and craft breweries!

The Tasmanian Beer Trail is covered with everything you could want on an epic craft beer trip Lasting 6 hours we explore some of Tassie’s leading beers and breweries.
Our local craft beer experts will take on the role of the designated driver and guide – so you can truly immerse yourself in the incredible range of craft beers Tassie has to offer, each brewery with their own story and unique personality

Our tour includes a large lunch and an absolute bucketload of beers

Week-day, Large group? or last Minute Booking? Give Andy a call on 0416585601


The Cascade Brewery Company, established in 1824, is located in Hobart at the foot of the majestic Mount Kunanyi.

Here, Australia’s oldest operating brewery crafts a range of exceptional beers for Tasmania and ‘the mainland’.

Included in this tour: a 1.5 hour tour of the Cascade Brewery followed by Lunch at Cascade Brewery with a paddle of beers

It starts with a love of beer.

The brewery was opened in early 2016 by a couple of keen home brewers. The brewery’s name pays homage to the venue’s origins as a butchery and small goods factory (with the word “Shambles” originally meaning “meat market” in historical England.)

Included in this tour: a paddle of the amazing Shambles Beers

Hobart Brewing Co. Hobart Brewing Co is living up to its namesake as a showcase Hobart Brewery. Inspired by Hobart’s rich brewing heritage of the 19th century while celebrating Tasmania’s natural advantages and ideal brewing conditions. Superior local ingredients, skilled brewers & flavoursome beer is the motto.

Included in this tour: a paddle of the famous Hobart Brewing Beers

T-bone brewhouse Tom Bignell began brewing craft beer out of his father’s distillery at their family property ‘Belgrove’ in Kempton - yep the same one that makes the peaty award winning Belgrove Whiskey. It didn’t take long before T-Bone Brewing Co. was conceived, and it now sits prominently on North Hobart’s main strip.

Included in this tour: a paddle of the Epic T-Bone Brewing Beers

Last Rites Brewing. The last rites are the last prayers and ministrations given to an individual of the faith shortly before death. Last Rites Brewing are the last beers given to mainlanders before jumping back on the nearby airport.  A Hobart based craft brewery focusing on New-World hop-driven ales. A true Tasmanian style Brewery

Included in this tour: a paddle of the Infamous Last Rites Brewing Beers

  • Prices per head includes a paddle of beers at every venue and a large locally sourced lunch $149 per head
  • Our Beer tours are all inclusive – no need for your wallet or your car keys
  • We can arrange pick up & drop off 
  • GROUP EVENT: Groups of 12 and over please contact us at andy@tassietrails.com.au
  • Venues may change due to availability. 
  • Please note: whilst lunch is included on this tour we are drinking quite a bit of beer so it is recommended to have a substantial meal prior to commencing the trail. 


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