• October 17, 2019

She came and drank till the glass was empty. 

Brewing fantastic beer in Tasmania is in our blood. We have been brewing since the early 1800’s and are proudly the landlords of Australia’s oldest brewery. 

When I was a teenage dirtbag growing up in the Hobart wild lands we only had Cascade beer. If you drank Cascade Pale Ale instead of Cascade Draught then that was the absolute height of sophistication. Sure we also had James Boags beer on the Launceston side but people from Hobart drank Cascade and people from Launceston drank Boags. 


*James Boags VS Cascade was the Great Tasmanian beer divide back when they were both Tasmanian owned brewery’s. It’s a friendly rivalry as shown in 1967 when the Cascade brewery burnt down in the 1967 bushfires and Boag’s Brewery helped out by brewing some of its rival’s beers up north”

As Australia’s leading producer of Hops (the sticky green flower which makes beer taste better) we are arguably leading the way in brewing distinct and flavoursome beer, particularly as the wine, cider and whiskey scene in Tasmania is recognised on an international scale  (Tasmanian distillery Sullivan’s Cove was awarded the world’s best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Award, twice)


These days ‘Tas-wegians’ are proud to say that we have more than 24 breweries producing some truly amazing beers-  which is approximately one brewery per 22 thousand people, or 12,500 beers per head. 

Tassie Trails Tours include a variety of local breweries and craft beer experiences.


Tassie Beer Trails with Andys TrailsAustralia’s oldest brewery.  Set in the foothills of an ongoing debate about cable cars – the Cascade Brewery has been helping Tasmanians do bugger all since 1824. In true local spirit Cascade produces a range of beers only viable in Tasmania. Cascade has beer tours as well as an actual beer school where you can learn about food matching and pouring the perfect beer. Did you know: Cascade Pale Ale is Australia’s longest continuously brewed beer

Location: 140 Cascade Road. South Hobart. www.cascadebreweryco.com.au



Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails

Tasmania’s other brewery. James Boags Brewery founded in 1883 on the edge of the Eskerine river, North Tasmania’s famous brewery. Boags was founded by James Boags the second and his son, James Boags the third – because the Boags family had too many important things to do rather than think of new names. Did you know: James Boags Premium is made from people who said they prefer Cascade?

Location: 39 William St, Launceston. www.jamesboag.com.au




Last Rites Brewing. The last rites are the last prayers and ministrations given to an individual of the faith shortly before death. Last Rites Brewing are the last beers given to mainlanders before jumping back on the nearby airport.  A Hobart based craft brewery focusing on New-World hop-driven ales. It started life as a group of avid home brewers who thought Tassie scene could do with some big, bold American-style ales. True Tasmanian style Brewery

Location: 3/18 Kennedy Dr, Cambridge 


The place with the wall of plaster woman parts.  As much as the ex Lord Mayor Ron Christie would like it to fade away –Mona is showcasing Tasmania on a global scale and Mona’s MOO BREW beers have been blessing Tasmania since 2005. Moo Brew’s original brewery was founded at Moorilla Estate, now Mona (Museum of Old and New Art), which is where you will find the Moo Brew Cellar Door. David Walsh is the Tasmanian overlord/saviour/millionaire who launched Moo brew and the Dark Disneyland MONA. Did you know: MONA Museum offers an unusual membership program called “Eternity Membership”, which earns members the right to be cremated and their remains housed in the MONA Cemetery.

Location: 655 Main Rd, Berriedale. www.mona.net.au

Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails & Moo Brew



 Shambles Brewery shambles/ˈʃamb(ə)lz

  1. .INFORMAL: a state of total disorder. Shambles brewery pride themselves on making the world a better place, one beer at a time. All of the beers are brewed on site using all Tasmanian ingredients and they only have Tasmanian products for sale at the bar. These guys are true Tassie craft Brewers. A Shambles they may be, but in name only, not in nature.

    Location: 222 Elizabeth St, Hobart  www.shamblesbrewery.com.au











Van Dieman Brewing. established in 2009, located on a family farm in Northern Tasmania these guys are neck deep In the holistic on-farm approach – meaning that their farmhouse style ales are brewed with whatever ingredients are on hand at the family farm.         Did you know: Van Dieman’s founder Will was en-route to brew at the world famous Guiness factory before finding out that some Irish bastard had taken the job, lucky for us this resulted in the Tasmanian Van Diemans Brewery we have today.

Location: 537 White Hills Rd, Evandale. www.vandiemanbrewing.com.au




Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails and Seven Sheds

Seven Sheds Brewery. Willie Simpson (not to be confused with Groundskeeper Willy or The Tasmanian Cider Willie Smith) is craft beer pedigree – as Australia’s leading beer writer he put his money where his mouth was and built Seven Sheds Brewery in 2008 with his partner Catherine Stark (not to be confused with Catelyn Stark who came back in the books but not in the tv show). Seven Sheds is distinguished by their artisanal, “hands-on” approach and small-batch brewing methods.       Did you know: Seven Sheds produces beer with ingredients as diverse as oatmeal, foraged pepperberries, raspberries, quinoa, sour cherries and peated malt

Location: 22 Crockers St, Railton. www.sevensheds.com



Tassie Beer Trails with Bruny Island Beer Co & Andys Trails

Willie Simpsons Apprentice was a young man named Evan Hunter who was Seven Sheds First Employee, he is now the head brewer for Bruny Island Beer Co. Bruny Island Beer Co is as Tasmanian as Errol Flynn, they use traditional brewing methods, collaborate with locals all year round and are strong supporters of using local. Bruny Island Beer Co released its first beer in February 2016 and as one of the newer players in Tasmania is producing some epic short experimental releases (as well as the core range).

Location:  1807 Bruny Island Main Rd, Great Bay www.brunyislandcheese.com.au/beer



Iron House is a brewery, a distillery, a restaurant, a tasting room with some wines and accommodation to boot. Located on the East Coast and looking over its own private wild coast line this epic venue has been brewing Tasmanian beers since 2007 under the watchful eye of Michael Briggs.        Did you know: That Tim Warren commented on Facebook “God dam yeeeesss!!!” Upon finding out the Iron house Pale was now in cans?

Location: White Sands Resort, 21554 Tasman Hwy, Four Mile Creek www.ironhouse.com.au

Iron House Brewery Tassie Beer Trails with Andys Trails




T-Bone Brewing. Tom Bignell began brewing craft beer out of his father’s distillery at their family property ‘Belgrove’ in Kempton – yep the same one that makes the peaty award winning Belgrove Whiskey. It didn’t take long before T-Bone Brewing Co. was conceived, and it now sits prominently on North Hobart’s main strip.

Location: 308 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. www.tbonebrewing.com.au



The Winston Brewing Co was launched in 2015 by, you guessed it, the Winston Craft Beer pub. Kris Miles and Caroline Kihne’s epic craft beer venue is a must see for any craft beer enthusiast visiting the apple isle showcasing an outstanding range of local craft beers – make sure to try their own ales which can be anything from a Winston Black Rye IPA to a Winston Chocolate Stout.       Did you know: If you say VB three times inside the Winston everyones beards disappear.

Location: 381 Elizabeth St, Hobart. Www.thewinstonbar.com

the winston bar Hobart


Hobart Brewing Co. With a name to make any marketing guru punch the air with glee – Hobart Brewing Co is living up to its namesake as a showcase Hobart Brewery. Hobart Brewing Co. is inspired by Hobart’s rich brewing heritage of the 19th century while celebrating Tasmania’s natural advantages and ideal brewing conditions. Superior local ingredients, skilled brewers & flavoursome beer is the motto.

Location: 6 Evans Street, Hobart www.hobartbrewingco.com.au



Andys Beer TrailsBogan Bob’s house (Tasmanian backyard party’s)  In a time when the Tasmanian harvest trails were but a speck in David Walsh’s eye and our local produce was limited to canned fish –  if you weren’t into rampant roundhouses by a drunk bloke with tattoos of 6 girls names on his neck then the Tasmanian nightlife scene was pretty disappointing. If you rented a house to anyone under 25 in Hobart during that time then you deserved to reap the outcome. Grab the local Uni’s sound gear, which is loud enough to talk to Melbourne, string some chickenfeed fairy lights up around the backyard and convert that old shopping trolley into an eski – Backyard parties were the stuff of legends where like minded thespians could enjoy long necks with roughians from Cosgrove. Since then Tasmanians discovered they could make better stuff than the mainland and soon after the mainland started taking notice.




Honourable mentions  Saint John craft Beer / the Tassie Beer Trail / Fresh hop festival


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”